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HARBOR FAMILY HEALTH ASSOCIATES is a warm office that specializes health care.

We are committed to offering you comprehensive, personalized care.

Our goal is to assist patients to reach the highest level of wellness possible. We focus on both mental and physical health. We encourage you to watch the following five minute video on how we can help you prevent heart disease.

We look forward to welcoming you at Harbor Family Health Associates.


     *Advanced Heart attack prevention and management

     *Adult physical exams

     *GYN & well women exams

      *Management of chronic problems such as diabetes and hypertension, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder

      *Assistance with ADD & ADHD in adults and children

      *School and college physicals

      *Sport pre-participation exams

      *DOT exams


We serve patients ages 6-106 with comprehensive, personalized health care. All of our care is provided in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.  We have worked in Gig Harbor since 1979 and are located near Highway 16. We provide a full range of both preventative and illness care. Our specialties include advanced cardiovascular health (preventing heart attacks and strokes) and advanced cholesterol testing. We also focus on mental health, depression, ADHD treatment, women's health. We see adults and teens with regular, acute and chronic problems.

We offer the convenience of full-service billing and accept most major insurance companies, including auto accident and Worker's Comp claims. If you are interested in becoming a new patient, we are happy to work with you to better understand your insurance coverage. Call our office to get the registration and insurance verification process started. (We are currently not accepting any more DSHS patients.)

Your Practitioners


  • He is board certified in Family Practice.
  • He has advanced training in preventing heart attacks and strokes.
  • He sees the full range of teen and adult problems of an acute or chronic nature. 
  • He has additional training in mental health.
  • He enjoys helping patients reach the highest level of wellness possible.
  • He can help you with determining what supplements will help support your health. 

  • She is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner board certified in family practice. 
  • She was the first nurse in Washington State authorized to write prescriptions. 
  • She cares for most of the children.
  • She special training in women's health issues.
  • She has advanced training in mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and ADD.

If you pay in full at the time of services, you receive a 25% discount!

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